It’s A Dog’s Life – Beach Lifestyle & Pet Photography

Bonnie and Clyde? They ain’t got nothin’ on Adam and Clyde, two bad to the bone guys living a beach-y keen life together. (Had enough of my puns yet? No? Ok, good, because Clyde gives them two paws up, so if you got a bone to pick with it, you’re gonna have to bark up that tree.)

How cute are these two together in their lifestyle photoshoot? Adam was looking for some fun casual style for a personal project and a few adorable photos of his BFF to spice up his home decor.

Snapping a pet portrait is so much fun for everyone involved – even if it does mean my lens caps occasionally end up missing only to show up later with a teeth mark or two in them… (Let’s just say Clyde has good taste in camera equipment.)

While pets can sometimes be difficult to get to smile with their eyes (Hello, pockets full of treats!), they really bring a special light into the eyes of their owners, which is such a joy to capture with the camera.

Photography Tip: If you’re every having trouble getting someone to smile naturally in front of the camera, just get them to hold their puppy, a kitty, heck – even their tortoise! Pets are naturals at inspiring that natural smile and loosening their owners up for the rest of the shoot.

Press play and get some beach vibes wherever you are.

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