Crazy Cat Couple – Portrait & Pet Photography

Ah… 2016.

A lot of people are claiming it wasn’t such a great year. For me, it was the year I didn’t get married, I didn’t have a baby, and I got my first cat. So yea, if you’re my mom, then I guess 2016 did seem pretty bad.

To commemorate our brand new kitty, Chewie (as in Chewbacca, because she is hairy and purrs with an intensity I’ve only heard from Wookies) and some new lighting mods courtesy my Amazon Prime addiction, I made my boyfriend, my cat, and my very first love Morty join me in front of the camera.

Haven’t met Morty yet? You’ll know who he is when you  get there.

Now Chewie clearly has model genes running in her blood, and my hair will never be as luxurious as hers,  but I think the America’s Next Top Model award goes to ol’ Blue Steel  Paul over there in the third pic, am I right?

Whoever said you had to be single to be a Crazy Cat Lady clearly doesn’t know what they’re missing. (Hint: It’s either a significant other or a cat)

P.S. If you’re wondering what Chewie thinks about her new role in the spotlight, just press play and scroll to the last photo.

Spoiler Alert: She’s not pleased.

I Don’t Think So | Ben Phipps

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