Bridesmaids Gone Beautiful – Anna & Andy’s Wedding

As someone who hopes to one day be a beautiful bride, Anna gave me total bride goals in so many ways. Not only was she absolutely gorgeous (as you can tell by the photos), she was super confident, collected and put together on her wedding day.

Me? I’ll probably be alternating between panic attacks and deciding whether or not I should don Spanx on my wedding night. But that’s besides the point.

Photographing Anna and her bridal party as they got ready was an absolute joy. I don’t think I ever stopped smiling as they joked and danced their way through getting glam.

Get ready to pop champagne, party, and find Pinterest inspiration with these ladies as you press play and scroll through Anna’s bridal party preparations.

P.S. Check back soon to see how the big day all came together! Wedding photos to come!

Location | Double Tree San Pedro

George Ezra | Barcelona 

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