A Model Home Tour – KB Home

Owning your own home… the American dream, right? While it may seem like a dream far off in the distance for Los Angeles renters like myself, for many the dream of homeownership is becoming a reality with KB Home.

And what beautiful homes they are! Really, while I save up for a mortgage, can I hire one of their decorators?

It was a joy working with the SoCal sales team to tour and photograph their model homes. So much inspiration to decorate my apartment! (Seriously, I now own the same rug I saw in the model.)

So while I might not actually own my dream house yet, at least my model home experience got me to rise to new levels of adulting, even if it’s just a fancy area rug!

Would you love to call this place home? I hope you find as much decor inspo from these #newhomevibes as I did!

Play me while you look!

Petit Biscuit | Alone 

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