Hi! I'm Danielle

Danielle use to work in a cubicle. That was sad Danielle. Danielle wanted to be happy and knew that happiness doesn’t always come from your job or eating an entire bag of Dorito’s or a 48 hour binge of Bravo TV. So Danielle decided to get creative. Literally. She bought a camera and started a blog called Twenty Dollar Date. This grew her love for writing, photography, lifestyle branding and social media. She quit her desk job and decided to focus on her passion, creating visual stories of the moments in people’s lives to bring a smile to their face. Each day as her creativity and experience grew, her happiness grew too. Finding happiness is a process. Now she only needs half a bag of Dorito’s and a season of Vanderpump Rules to feel satisfied.

When not creating, Danielle is busy trying to get her cat to stop eating her hair while she feeds her tortoise baby carrots.

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